Special issue - Convince by the image (1900-1939)

Special issue - Convince by the image (1900-1939) <span></span>



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This special edition was produced by Jérôme RAMBERT - http://chezjerome.over-blog.com

Due to its immediacy, the image occupies a preponderant place in the dissemination of ideas. It catches the eye and offers a simpler representation of reality. The posters offer the contemporary reader some keys to reading the years 1900-1939. The major political currents are of course illustrated: communism, anti-communism, anti-parliamentarianism, anti-clericalism. Without forgetting the war propaganda and colonialism, oh so put in images.

Through a course comprising about fifteen studies, we will (re) discover the posters of the years 1900-1939.

Video: Dr. Wise on Influenza 1919. BFI National Archive